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Why Home Ownership is Important!

As I browsed through the internet this morning, I read about three separate shootings in Atlanta. It seems as if the world is losing its mind. Everybody is mad and the least little thing can tick someone off. They then shoot people out of anger or despair or whatever else they are feeling. Let’s talk about the importance of living in a “real” neighborhood. First of all, when you put down roots in a neighborhood you will want to make it a place that you feel comfortable living in. Because of this you will get to know your neighbors, take care of your property and do everything you can to make it a place where you feel safe. Once you get to know your neighbors you will begin to collectively look out for each other. That means that if you see something suspicious in the neighborhood you will let your neighbors know and vice versa. When you feel comfortable and at peace in your neighborhood you will want to maintain your property to keep your peace mindset. Home ownership comes with a certain responsibility. You know if you falter, or someone is injured on your property you could possibly be sued. This realization will keep you on the right track because you have a lot to lose. Responsible home ownership will put you in a frame of mind where you want to do the right thing, maintain a peaceful, law-abiding life, and live and let live. Just think about it. You have a vested interest in maintaining your peace and maintaining your property. After all, your home should instill in you a sense of pride in all that you have accomplished. With that being said you would not want to do something stupid like shooting someone because they angered you. People, just calm down! Whatever you are upset or angry about is not that serious. Go inside your home, have a cocktail or a cup of tea, and just chill. Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility.

Thumbs up, like, and share. Marvin Dixon, Founder

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