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The Path to Peace of Mind

At home on a rainy day sipping a chai latte. Feeling a sense of peace. The flavor of the latte

reminds me of “peace’, contentment, and home. There is much to be said about peace of mind.

It is a wonderful thing. The road to peace of mind ebbs and flows. It starts with self-care and

realizing that you are the most important person in your life. Once you acknowledge your self-

the importance you have to wade through the foolishness, selfishness, and negativity of others that

will try to disrupt your peace. You must realize what you can and cannot change. You have to

realize that helping others does not mean taking care of them. If you step in and do what they

should be doing for themselves you are not helping them, you are enabling them. They will not

learn the lessons of life if you intervene and do not allow them to do for themselves. Prioritize

your health, both mental and physical. Love yourself enough to not let others take your

kindness and readiness to help for granted. You can be a giver but choose wisely those you

want to bless with your giving spirit. You will realize that others will not always live up to your

expectations. Guard your heart by not having expectations. That way if they fail to come

through for you it will not be a disappointing experience. In the same light do not be

judgmental, as none of us other than the master is in a position to judge. Know that there will

be those that will not want the best for you. This is why you continually strive to be the best for

yourself. Life will consist of many trials and tribulations. It is how you handle these challenges

that will determine your peace. Thumbs up, like, and share.

Marvin Dixon, Founder

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