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Private Investigators, The People and the profession

Usually, when private investigators are mentioned we think of a person that follows a husband

or wife whose spouse suspects there is cheating in the relationship. I want to take the time to

apprise you of the very valuable service that these unsung heroes perform. There are private

investigators that handle unfaithful spouse cases, and others specialize in criminal investigations,

civil cases, and certain specialized fields. What are some areas in the profession in which private

investigators use their skills? Computer Forensics is an area where private investigators utilize

their knowledge of computers to obtain pertinent information. Workmen’s Comp investigators

and Insurance investigators perform similar duties; however, some insurance investigators

conduct other types of investigations i.e., death investigations, auto reconstruction scenarios,

as well as fire investigations.

Civil investigations vary in scope. Divorce is civil in nature and the work involved requires patents,

creativity, and knowledge of cameras and pictures. In divorce proceedings, pictures are

oftentimes required. Additionally, there are private investigators that specialize in locating

people. This process is known as skip tracing. Missing persons and criminal investigations speak

for themselves. I find all areas of private investigation to be intriguing with criminal

investigations being in a category all of their own.

I don’t condone violence, but I do believe in fairness. It has been proven time and time again

that prosecutors and law enforcement sometimes get it wrong. It’s very rewarding when a

private investigator assists in exonerating someone wrongly accused of a crime. I’m reminded

of a case where two young men were charged with murder but had nothing to do with the

offense. They were not in the area where the crime occurred, yet they sat in jail for two years

for a crime that they did not commit. Working to get them exonerated was a very motivating

and rewarding experience.

The field of Private Investigations has evolved over the years to encompass very skilled

professionals, most are required to attend yearly, mandatory training which assists in keeping

professionals abreast of new trends in the profession. Additionally, this training greatly assists

in the continual development of the craft. If you know a Private Investigator ask him or her about

their profession. I’m sure you will hear some amazing stories. Thumbs up, like, and share.

Marvin Dixon, Founder

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