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Our Biggest Investment

The biggest purchase that most of us will make is buying a home. Acquiring a

home should be treated as an investment, which means there is a responsibility in

homeownership, called affordability as well as upkeep. Many of us during our

daily travel in areas that we visit or reside in observe how this valued asset is

sometimes not being cared for or protected. Once a property (investment) begins

to decline it loses its value, which can lead to many other pitfalls.

A major concern for some who own homes is foreclosure, Georgia’s foreclosure

ranking in December 2022 was number 18 out of the fifty states. Nora Epstein

wrote in an article published in SoFiLearn on January 19, 2022, that foreclosures

rose a staggering 115 percent from the previous year (2021), according to ATTOM

Data Solutions.

One significant cause of foreclosures is delinquent taxes. A parent leaves the

family home to a child or relative and the only thing they need to do is pay taxes

and insurance. If the taxes are delinquent the home is sold on the steps of the

courthouse for pennies on the dollar. My takeaway is that we must realize the

true value of owning a home. When we do this, we keep our communities vibrant

and safe so as not to attract bad elements that are drawn to downtrodden

communities. When we live in thriving communities businesses will want to set

up shop there. Consequently, we can have the amenities we want and need in our

communities rather than having to travel elsewhere. Finally, let’s care for our

homes because that’s where the true value is. Being able to have a haven to

come home to after a hard day in the world is something that money can’t buy. If

you’re having problems maintaining your home, mortgage or taxes there are

resources in the community, federal, county, and state aid that are just a click on

the internet away. Thumbs up, like, and share.

Marvin Dixon, Founder

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