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America is nothing new but what’s happening in today’s society involves more violent crimes.

As previously stated, I do not condone criminal behavior, but let us compare then and now. Growing up

during the period between the seventies and the eighties, I witnessed firsthand people in my community

that were bookies/number runners (it’s called the lottery today), shoplifters, sellers of illegal alcohol

while others sold marijuana. Most were simply trying to provide for their families. During that span of

time there was very little violent crime in society.

The shift in violent crimes began to emerge during the late eighties and early nineties. I contend that

what caused this violent surge in crimes was drugs, which is a major cause of violent crimes even today.

Those that engage in the drug trade say they earn more money in an hour than others earn in a forty-hour week. But at what cost? There is nothing good about selling drugs. Drugs destroy families, devastate addicts, and ruin communities.

You ask how should violent crime and the devastation associated with it be addressed? First, this

disengagement from violent crime needs to be addressed in the home. Parents need to do what’s

needed to better position their children for success. Ensure they are surrounded by respectable, decent peers and encourage positive engagement via extracurricular activities. In other words, “keep them busy and out of trouble”. Provide a wholesome home environment that is clean and well-kept. There are nice homes in all neighborhoods, one merely needs to take pride in the surrounding environment.

Most young people want to better themselves and earn money. Those of us who own businesses can be mentors, provide our youth with employment opportunities and teach them how to manage money. Teach our youth about investing as well as other ways to forge better life outcomes for themselves. In other words, “each one, teach one”. Let the village rise up and assist our young men and women in displaying more positive behaviors. The end result will lead to more positive outcomes and valuable life

lessons. Thumbs up, like, and share.

Marvin Dixon, Founder

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