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A Few Facts about Home Ownership

States with Highest housing loss, eviction, and foreclosure rates…..1. Arizona, 2. Nevada, 3. Florida, 4. Georgia (Foreclosure), and 5. South Carolina. This study was conducted by New

According to a study presented by the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, Georgia homes have a median for-sale price of $145,000 and a median estimated monthly rent-to-own payment of $967. The state of Georgia has a total population of 9,687,653. Georgia’s $48,121 median household income is 6% lower than the national average by 19%. Georgia while its unemployment rate of 7.4% is higher than the national average by 19%. These studies indicate that those that are fortunate enough to acquire a home could lose it (home) to foreclosure.

Marvin Dixon/Founder

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