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Meet the Team

Verifacts Solutions is managed by a team of reputable, hard working and qualified individuals that are ready to assist you with any foreclosure.

Marvin Dixon

Marvin began his career as a licensed private investigator in 1985 working with both criminal and civil attorneys. In 1996, Marvin became chief investigator for the Fulton County Conflict Defenders Office, serving until 2010. Following, Marvin began his career in the private sector and this is where he currently chooses to serve.

Dianne Cleveland- Sharp
Vice President

Dianne Cleveland-Sharp is an Atlanta native and a longtime resident of South Fulton County and graduate of Georgia State University. Dianne's background in contract management and social service administration are assets to Verifacts Solutions. She is enthusiastic about being a team member of Verifacts Solutions. Her passion for helping others is a
perfect fit for the work done by Verifacts Solutions. She is looking forward to using her myriad of skills to make a positive difference in the lives of Verifacts' clients.

Dante Dixon

Dante is an Atlanta, GA native bringing 25 years of marketing, sales, and customer acquisition to the company. Over the year, Dante has earned various awards in sales and marketing. In addition, he has successfully marketed several businesses and mentored various leaders. Mr. Dixon has strong work ethic, and a passion for service.

Trina Wilder

Trina Wilder is an Atlanta native, born to serve and assist. Her extensive experiences in customer and financial services are direct indications that she possesses the skill set required as a member of the Verifacts team. Trina is dedicated to helping our clients feel comfortable and confident while assisting them in obtaining what is rightfully theirs.

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